Multiplex Funjet Clone

Here is a scratch-build from Project Flight Design. Its a foamy clone of the popular Multiplex Funjet (or the Hobbyking Radjet). While this is Nick’s design, I created some free PDF build templates for you which you can download below.

Materials you will need:

  • 2 Sheets of foam-board (I get mine from DollarTree)

  • 0.5″ thick insulation sheething foam-board (I get mine from Lowe’s or Home Depot)

My Funjet:

This is what my Funjet looked like after gluing all the pieces together. The next step: adding electronics!


WOW! Now this is a zippy little plane! Other than a CG issue, this one is a lot of fun to fly.

I recommend a CG of 15.5″ from the nose


The maiden flight went alright… the CG was not correct and involved a crash after a few flights. The funjet had some tail-heavy flight characgteristics that made it respond poorly.

Overall, this plane is an intermediate airframe that, when the CG is correct, will be a great time for all those who choose to fly it!

Download the free pdf templates below to build your plane:

Funjet Clone:

Wing Plan Form:


KF Airfoil:

Vertical Stabilizer:

See the Multiplex Funjet Clone from ProjectFlightDesign here:


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